Everton in the European Cup continue
Everton in the European Cup continue to choose to give up in midweek Josh Leivo Jersey, 1 to 5 defeat bottom out at the foot of Atlanta. The last round of Premiership, Everton, 2-2 draws last in the Crystal Palace, the last 6 rounds only made one victory, currently ranked No. 16 in the championship standings, only one away from the relegation zone, the gap. The last 10 games away to Everton in every race difficult to win, the state extremely depressed. This time challenge Southampton, if you can get a draw, taffy has been considered to complete the task.

However, this season with Lukaku, Matic and other reinforcements to join, as well as the recovery of Mashalle Jhonas Enroth Jersey, Rushford state, Old Trafford to become the devil home again, has caused countless opponents chilling The "fear factor" is back. For the first six league matches, Manchester United beat West Ham United, Leicester City, Everton, Crystal Palace, Tottenham and Newcastle United, losing only one goal to 19 goals.

The current round of campaign against Brighton, Manchester United although occupy the initiative to control the situation Bobby Baun Jersey, but the face of well-organized iron barrel array is unable to do anything. Critical moment, left back Ashley - Jan left foot shot to create Oolong Seth Griffith Jersey, since the luck is standing on the side of the home side, Mourinho's team just smile satisfied with the hard-won victory over the last 19 home games against Premier League first full victory. As a result, Manchester United Premiership this season, seven home picks full 21 points across the season eight-game winning streak reached.
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This is the best record Manchester United
This is the best record Manchester United have achieved at Dream Theater since Ferguson retired. Sir Alex Ferguson's last season, the Red Devils won the league home game 12 straight, and now just 4 games away from the record. In fact, if undefeated, Manchester United has been extended to 24 games (14 wins and 10 draws), from the team history in October 2011 to create 25 games unbeaten, it is close at hand. Counting the various events, the Red Devils is unbeaten at home 39, the specific results of 28 wins and 11 draws, the last losing, or lost to Manchester City last September 1-2.

Arsene Wenger first introduced the team's injury situation Borje Salming Jersey, although the gunmen lost during the week in the European Union, but still qualify as a group leader Brandon Kozun Jersey, but did not increase any injuries Mitchell Marner Jersey, the current gunman is still only Walcott (sick) and the card Sola can not play, but Welbeck has also been 100% recovery.

This two days there is news that the contract expires in the summer of Ozil has been signed with Barcelona to join the contract, which Wenger denied: "No, but I also have no control over rumors Lanny McDonald Jersey, all players have their own Brokers, they can talk to anyone, that does not affect us, because the player's career is always the case.
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Ozil and Sanchez are both commended
Ozil and Sanchez are both commended when the team excels at them, and they are criticized more when the team is underperforming Byron Froese Jersey, so I'm more concerned with the team's performance. Ozil is working very hard this season and he is in very good shape right now Maple Leafs Jersey. He is even more determined on the court, what you want to see from a top player.

Thank God, Pogba finally came back. Because of conservative tactics, Jose Mourinho full media criticism and questioned Scott Harrington Jersey, and now, he finally saw a voice that can make all the disappearance of the player. Pogba is so good that for any coach, his absence will be a loss, however, leaving Mourinho with his absence. All the coaches have their own weaknesses in tactics. As for Mourinho, his weakness coincides with the strength of Pogba. When Pogba was absent, we saw more clearly what Mourinho's tactics lacked.

Arsenal are still victorious away: Arsenal lost to Cologne 0-1 in the middle of the week in the Champions League group stage, but still ahead of a lock-up group to advance. In the last round of the Premier League, Arsenal beat Tottenham 2 to 0 to win the North London derby, which allowed them to enhance their morale. Arsenal recently won the league four games three games, currently ranked sixth in the championship Andrew Campbell Jersey, but from the second Manchester United only 4 points. Burnley against the current round, Arsenal desire away from the full third.
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